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Codeine Phosphate


Codeine Phosphate is a painkiller medication. Its principal purpose is for the management and treatment of pain, for example, accidents from surgery or surgery. It is ordinarily used as a treatment for mild to moderate degrees of pain. Place your order now and receive 100% discreet delivery in your provided address.

Available in 30 mg and 60 mg pills
Prescribed to your short-term relief
Mild to moderate discomfort

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A drug used to treat pain, cough, and diarrhea. It is made from opium or morphine and binds to opioid receptors in the central nervous system. Codeine phosphate is a type of opiate, a type of analgesic agent, a type of antitussive agent, and a type of antidiarrheal agent.


It functions in the brain to decrease pain. This specific medication that’s a part of the sedative-hypnotics class has the capacity to give complete relaxation for the individual who’s facing such difficulties. Purchase Codeine Syrup

Orally once per day before bedtime, the dose is 30 mg per day daily. Put this under the tongue to disintegrate after a day but prior to taking this medication you want to contact your physician first.


Socialize with other medications and raise the odds of you having unwanted effects.

Stay away from taking alcohol, painkiller, calm, or decrease anxiety or sleep issues.

Inform your doctor prior to taking this medication.


Do not take it if you are pregnant, as it might harm the developing infant.

Additionally, it may lead to unwanted effects in newborn babies.

It moves into breast milk in tiny quantities. In case you need to choose Codeine 30mg (acetaminophen) speak with your physician about your feeding choices.


A Codeine Phosphate tablet involves the active material is codeine phosphate.


Maintain the pills from wetness.
Keep the pills within an airtight container.
Maintain all pills away from the sun.

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