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Our CBD Isolate crystals are of the purest concentration, non-toxic, and has no psychoactive effects. Derived from hemp plants grown and farmed in Turkey, utilizing strict organic farming practices, our isolate products are 99% pure CBD. Completely non-synthetic, 100% all-natural, and non-GMO. Our CBD isolate products are lab tested via a third-party laboratory, ensuring purity and quality.

CBD Isolate can be: dabbed, vaporized, orally ingested, cooked with or combined with, and smoked with herbs.



What is CBD isolate

CBD Isolate Crystals of CBD are one of the newer CBD products on the market. They are better known as CBD crystals. CBD is a natural crystal structure when it is reduced to its purest form. CBD isolate crystals are always 98% pure CBD at the very least. This makes this one of the most effective methods when you want to ingest pure CBD isolates.

Most organizations will extract CBD oil from mechanical hemp plants. Furthermore, this oil is purified and used in different types of cannabidiol. Crystalline cannabidiol is extracted in the second round of purification, isolating the compound from the oil.

This results in CBD so pure that it is in its isolated crystals form. In these crystals, CBD is genuinely the only molecule present. Not even traces of any other compounds are present. Sometimes, these crystalline CBD isolate crystals is ground into a powder.


You’re probably already aware of all of the amazing health benefits of cannabidiol itself. Using crystals comes with a range of its own benefits as well. The most significant advantage of using crystalline cannabidiol is that you can be 100% sure that you’re taking the compound in its purest and simplest form. cannabidiol has no side effects or psychotropic effects and using pure cannabidiol isolate ensures that you are not ingesting any compounds, chemicals, or additives that may be psychoactive or have associated side effects.

Another benefit of choosing a crystal or powder form is that it can significantly simplify dosing. You know your body best, and once you find the exact dosage that works for you, you’re going to want to stick with it. Using CBD crystals will let you truly customize how many milligrams of the compound you’re ingesting because you will know exactly how much pure cannabidiol is in the crystals. There is no counting out drops, no portioning out edibles, and no reason for you to get stuck taking a little more or a little less than exactly what you want. You’re completely in control because you have the pure product right there in your hands.

Our CBD Isolate Crystals are pure for more than 99% purity and are collected from certified cannabis through partnerships with farms throughout Europe. CBD crystals have a variety of applications, such as mixing, blending of carrier oil, baking, and dubbing, which are preferred by consumers for electronic liquids. 

The Purest Form Available

CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol available, which has specific benefits in product formulation and production.

Previously Difficult to Obtain in Isolated Form

Less than a decade ago, CBD was Virtually impossible to find in pure form outside of a lab. Now, pure CBD isolate crystals are now available for purchase in bulk quantities from Chemical Consulting Network (CCN). Our industrial hemp-derived pure cannabidiol isolates are the most trusted, high-quality bulk CBD in the industry and we offer first-class manufacturing processes and quality assurance procedures.


How to Use CBD Crystals

CBD isolate formulations are effectively absorbed in the body when taken orally, sublingually, topically, rectally, vaginally and when vaporized, or smoked. This flexibility in administration results in a wide range of possible end products and delivery formats.

Chemical Consulting Network cannabidiol isolate is a crystallized white powder that is both odorless and tasteless, making it ideal for a wide variety of formulations.

CBD crystals give consumers more versatility than oil. Like cannabis oil, you can add them to a meal, dissolve them in a drink, or swallow them. But, unlike oil, the crystals may be “immersed” such as cannabis concentrates (manual evaporation), converted to E-liquid, or sprinkled with a cigarette or joint.


How can you use the CBD isolate? What makes it a popular form of CBD?

  1. Use CBD crystals as an ingredient in food or oil.
  2. Mix the CBD isolate with the evaporation juices you want to use in the CBD vampire.
  3. You can also mix CBD crystals with oil for consumption.
  4. View our article on Cooking with the CBD, where you will find some ideas on how to add the CBD isolate to
  5. your Daily diet. Our blog post contains recipes, reports CBD, and more.

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